Along the Northern Shores of the Great Lakes PyroSign began with a lackadaisical walk among the sand and stones of Michigan’s beautiful freshwater coast.  As not an unusual circumstance, pieces of  drift wood long tossed about on the waves happen ashore and come to rest along the endless miles of shoreline.  Having stepped over these for many a summer, on this particular stroll they became a subject of further intrigue and inquiry.  Thus formed the idea of burning a name placard for a family member...  And in recognizing the uniqueness and beauty of such a piece,  the idea for PyroSign was formed. Starting as a hobby and later being taken to market, we at PyroSign take pride in our work and are pleased to offer the natural beauty of wood burning (Pyrography) & handmade sign making for your business, you,  your family, and your friends. We strive to make individually specific pieces to fit your needs.  All the signs & wall hangings are made by hand, and every piece is truly unique.  We do not use CNC machines or other methods of mass production that remove the beauty of hand hewn artistry.

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